ThxFriday, Endings and Beginnings Edition.

Porsche hiding adventures; out of towner birthday-havin’ house guest awesomeness; Sinema x2 + all the glorious foods; sushi, the Parthenon, disco balls, afternoon drives, and an evening of cocktails and Crabs Against Humidity; hour-long waits that equal 20 minutes; Dylan, Cash, and the Nashville Cats; missing you when you’re not around; cuddled up for Knocked Up; precious reclamation, evening drives, and the best meat loaf and wine; horse spotting hair witchery; Cyrus and Chipotle; forgiving friends and the folks who love you no matter what; tops down, faincy cocktails, and more of that sushi goodness; 12-year old perspective; 6 year old cancer patients who just want to know how YOU’RE doing; postcards from the edge (of Oregon); giving and taking space; cleaning my side of the street; and all the reminders to trust the process, remember to breathe, and take life as it comes. It’s the only one we get.

You Want a Physicist to Speak at Your Funeral. 

(The link isn’t nearly as grim as it sounds – promise.)

ThxFriday, (You’re My Witness, I’m Your) Mutineer Edition.

Stone Fox insights, sushi revelations, and laser tag rain checks; authenticity in all its messy glory; Saturday brunch with new (to me) and lovely folks; enjoyable errands, beer, unexpected reconnections, Flip Burger (YUM), wine, cheese, fruit, and together time as the countdown begins; safe places for sadness; post-junk food productivity and apartment reclamation; mom and daughter dinners; eventual pre-sale success; affirmations, clarity, and appropriate questions (who’s the a-hole here?); eerily relevant conversational comfort; cocktails and kitchen dancing; final haircuts, fancy meals, and a lady singin’ the smoky blues; overdue overnights; and a weekend ahead with a longtime friend, celebrating in every possible way. <3

ThxFriday, Tiny Beautiful Things Edition.

Brutal honesty (still the best policy); self-care conclusions and doing tough right things; cool as hell yard sales, complete with friendly faces; TCOB Saturdays; respecting self-selectors; rollerskating parties to celebrate great humans; legwarmer solidarity; bacon egg & cheese sandwich Sunday; continuing conversations and clarity; out-of-towners and joyful visits; boundary exploration for the sake of friendship; slow emergence from winter cocoons; big picture perspective; acknowledging anger as part of the process; and knowing enough to remember the existence of options and the freedom they afford.

ThxFriday, Home (is wherever I’m with you) Edition.

The Palm before Emanuel Ax; real talk and wake-up calls; Calls for Kids – chaos for a cause; family Easter brunch, complete with Lego bunny & basket; nieces who think I remind them of Katy Perry, Poison Ivy, and Black Widow; exploding all the kittens; lazy Sunday nights and early morning airport trips; tending to the homestead; overdue visits before Skyville Live​ for a magical night; welcoming perspective and those sparkly blue eyes; insights and conclusions; finding peace with everything; extended affirmations; catch-up calls (hey girl); the return of the Ninja and front porch beers; living that agreement about not taking anything personally; stealing bits of sleep; effective window repairs; and waking up knowing it’ll be okay, no matter what. <3

ThxFriday, Train, Train Edition.

Eating all the sushi; fancy cocktail stops; F1 fun; Chipotle quickies; high school musical Music Man madness; overnights in the bunker; late brunches and being treated by a kid; 3 HoC’s and a Going Clear (holy wingnuts, Batman!); fiscal progress; BFFs who drive six hours for a 3-hour hangout; taco taco (burrito!); weathering the weasel storms; long impromptu drives with multiple tot rewards; southern rock car parties; dreams of Isbell and Shires (but no more elephants, please); and a weekend ahead of Beethoven, fundraising, family brunch, and exploding kittens. What could possibly be better?

ThxFriday, Pure Energy Edition.

Three-day weekends and a road trip; little kid performances; Hot and Hot indulgence; face bacon and foie gras brulee; all the pretty cocktails; warm fuzzy kitty bellies; sight-seeing at Sloss; talking, drinking, and laughing into the night (run around the block and… well, you know the rest); scenic routes to pizza; jammies on arrival; resuming and assuming the cuddle position; tickets to Isbell, Kristofferson, and LadyA (winning!); stinky britches; outside wine and music time; asking for help (and actually accepting it); all the timely reminders of just how far I’ve come; daily emails for years and years; abiding limitations; worth, grace, shine, dignity, and ENOUGH; Five Guys and Peter’s *snicker*; a late-night 80’s sing-a-long party; and waking up to Friday with a love-filled heart.

Also, coffee. Lots and lots of coffee.

ThxFriday, Shootin’ at the Walls of Heartache (Bang Bang) Edition.

Low-key Friday GoT marathons; lazy, rainy Saturdays with breakfast out and a brave Costco attempt; dinner with the nephew; coming home to Motörhead: finishing up the season (baby dragons!); new coffee shops that feel like them old coffee shops; otherworldly biscuits; soaking up ALL THE SUNSHINE; overdue talon-tending and catch-up time; happy accidental sightings; afternoon cocktail hour at the Lair; sandal weather; laying it all out; friendly out-of-towners at the Pinewood Social; happy St. Patrick’s Day burrito fun time; all the new shows and all the John/Jon’s; a slow reemergence from the cocoon; not taking things personally; opting for the wait-and-see; practicing flexibility; being late for good reason; mammograms (healthy boobs are happy boobs!); and heading out of town for friends, food, fun, and frolic on a Friday afternoon. Bama bound, baby!